Comment on friend’s work

Draw it with objects found outside your room.

JaJah’s work

I like this one the most because 30 drawings that you did, this one is really pop out. And also, it doesn’t look like a music box at all but it has something that looks creative and it looks abstract. Moreover, this picture doesn’t show only the music box for me, but it looks like an intestine which is cute.


Draw it with your body.

Book’s work

Book used to selfie himself to represent drawing with body that I think it look cool and funny that all of work have only his face. He tried to use his hand to create his object which make me think of memory when I was young that I used some application that can create any form that come from my selfie.


Draw it with sound

Pin’s work

The object that pin use is a paper clip but when she need to drawing with lots of things I think it looks like a bag. I like how she use a form of sound in Adobe Premiere Pro to create a shape of paper clip.


Draw it with gif

Unice’s work

The way she put the object on the sky is look very cute and I like how she put a different bears to create a bear’s face.



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